Friday, November 11, 2011

Today Is The Unique Day


In about 15 minutes, it would be all 1s. 11.11.11 at 11.11 which is 11th November 2011 at 11.11am and another 12 hours later at 11.11pm.

Importantly, Thank GOD it's FRIDAY! (TGIF)

A beautiful date

GiLoCatur does not crazy about numbers. Neither into numerology. But today's date is simply unique, once in 100 years.

Isn't it memorable if we do or have something special today? A friend will have a wedding ceremony today. He is an artist, a singer to be exact. Click here to know who he is.

11.11.11 is close to 13.11.11 right? What is so special on 13th November 2011? Actually, it is the birthday of GiLoCatur's son, FIKRI. He will be 15 years old.

Click the following links if you want to find out the frenzy info about this date.

Link 1      Link 2      Link 3

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