Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh My God, No Chess Tournament In November For GiLoCatur & Kids?

Oh My God. There are so many chess tournaments in Malaysia in the month of November. BUT GiLoCatur and the kids will miss all of them.

In October, GiLoCatur and the kids had participated in chess tournament in all the weekends except one, the fourth, when went back home town.

In the first weekend, both Anis and Fahim took part in the 2nd National Rapid Chess Championship (NRCC).

In the second weekend, Fahim emerged as the first runner up in the 7th Insofar Junior Chess Scholarship tournament.

In the third weekend, GiLoCatur scored 5/8 points in the 5th UPSI Open while Fikri had his first tourney after a break for PRM examination. Both Anis and Fahim were playing in their respective school categories.

In the last weekend of October, both Fikri and Fahim took part in the Ampangan age group category.

BUT in November, no chess tournament for GiLoCatur and the kids. So unbelievable eh.

The kids will miss the National Scholastic Age Group Chess Championship (NSAGCC).

GiLoCatur can't participate in the 3rd Insofar Open Scholarship chess tournament.

Anis will have to wait longer to play in the Insofar Juniors Scholarship chess tournament.

Fikri will miss the opportunity to play against top Asian amateurs in the Asian Amateur Open.

The kids surely will also miss the opportunity to be at the Berjaya Times Square in the last weekend of November for its first chess tournament.

The reason is there are important family functions and activities. The youngest aunt of GiLoCatur's kids is getting married this month. Their grandparents have urged and insisted GiLoCatur's kids to "balik kampung" to assist in the wedding preparation.

MAYBE Fahim could participate in only one tournament this Saturday. His elder brother and sister won't join him since they are not coming home this weekend. And if possible, GiLoCatur will accompany him to be among its participants. :)-

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