Monday, November 14, 2011

3rd Ole Ole Chess Championship - Drama 1

In a rapid chess tournament there would always have matches with drama or dramatic games. A dramatic rapid game where both players blitz when the time is critical and going to end. During such time pressure, mistakes and inaccurate moves are common even to players who spar a lot.

One of the dramatic games in the 3rd Ole Ole Shah Alam Open last Saturday witnessed by GiLoCatur is the match between Max of 17ChessClub and his 1626-MCF-rated opponent in the fourth round. 

R4, Tbl 19 - Max (white) vs his opponent (black)

Playing white, Max just moved Qb2+ as per the above position. In GiLoCatur's opinion, piecewise both have equal pieces and pawns. But white has better position.

... some time after that ...

Surely several minutes later, Max has the winning edge as shown by the above diagram. Black is one pawn down and need to defend its open King. Having less than one minute left on the clock, and having a King plus a Queen + a Knight versus only King for the black, Max blew the winning opportunity when the game became stalemate.

How it became stalemate? 

The white Queen is at the 7th rank. A knight is at the 6th rank and same file with the black's King. If GiLoCatur is not mistaken, white checks using a Knight, 1. Nf6+ Kf8! (the King is moved in front (same file) of the Knight. Out of the blue, white (Max)  moved other pieces (either a pawn or the King); NOT the Knight to enable the black to move along the 8th rank. So, STALEMATE it is. 

Max in very deep thought .... so focus ...

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