Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Malaysia Open Kicks Off Today

The DAT Malaysia Open kicks off today. About one hundred chess players from 21 countries will battle their chess skills and knowledge over the board starting today for a week. Compared to last year, this year edition has less number of participants. It is interesting to note that China has pipped Malaysia, the host country, in the highest number of participants. China sent 20 players less three than last year. Meanwhile, the number of Malaysian players has dropped to 15 from 26. GiLoCatur believes some do not take part like Nabil, Alia, Jun Jian, Jun Feng, Jun Keat and Li Tian (just to name a few) because of the SPM, PMR and UPSR exam are around the corner.  

Country statistics

The title player distribution in this year Malaysia Open is showed by below chart. Eleven Grandmasters take part this year compared to 16 last year. GM Antonio Rogelio Jr from Philippine led the GM list.

Titled players statistics

This year, Malaysia is led by IM Lim Yee Weng who did not take part last year. He is ranked 42nd. The reigning national champion. Zhuo Ren, who is just fresh from the World Junior Chess Championship in Chennai, India also take part and is the Malaysian second highest seed. Former World Police Champion, Ismail Ahmad, is also playing. WCM Nabila is leading the Malaysian women in the event which include Camilia and Renitha from Johor. Both Elgin of Penang, the reigning MSSM L15 Individual champion, and Roshan,  the reigning MSS Selangor  L15 Individual champion, are also in the list.

GOOD LUCK to all the participants. Let's the game begin!

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