Thursday, August 11, 2011

50th World Junior Chess Championship - After Round 8

The 50th edition of World Junior Chess Championship is on going in Chennai, India. 125 young male chess players from 49 countries including Malaysia are taking part. They will play 13 rounds of standard chess format. Lim Zhou Ren is the sole Malaysian player among them. They had played eight rounds until now.

So, who is leading? Surprisingly, he is not among the top three seeds who are rated at 2600+. Interestingly,  two of the top three seeds are not even in the top 20 ranking. Until the sixth round, an Italian IM named Rombaldoni, Axel scored the perfect 6 points including a win over Zhou Ren and the third seed. But two Armenian GMs had stopped his winning streak. The host country, India, is surely ecstatic when its FM player named Girish Koushik is leading at the moment with 7/8 points. He shares the top spot with GM Robert Hovhannisyan, the player who defeated Rombaldoni and has also 7/8 points.

Would it be a non GM who emerge as the champion? Five more rounds to go before the question will be answered.

The Top 20 ranking after Round 8

FM Girish - currently leading

IM Rombaldoni

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