Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chess At The University Olympiad Update - Part 2

In the third round played this morning, the Malaysian chess team only had one win and two draws. The win came from Xin Hao in the Men's event against his unrated opponent. All the other his team mates could not win over their respective titled opponents. While the draws were scored by Felicia and Hwei Yih. It is very unfortunate that Shazwani could not continue her superb performance yesterday when she was defeated by her Turkish opponent. 

GiLoCatur hopes all the Malaysian chess team players will give their best in the next round. We, the Malaysian chess fraternity, will be behind you. GiLoCatur also hopes that the Malaysian newspaper will highlight and cover the chess event.

Round 4 that will start at 4.00pm.

The Men

Table 26, LOOI Xin Hao vs Roeland PRUIJSSERS (Holland)
Table 31, Au YOONG Yow Low vs David MOOKETSI (Botswana)
Table 34, Ian SIAH Jun Ren vs Arthur SSEGWANYI (Uganda) 
Table 36, Chrismar TUASON (Phillipine) vs Ahmad Fadzil NAYAN

Latest update (12:30am, 17/08/2011): It seems a tough battle for Xin Hao to win over his 2400-rated opponent. Au drew his game while both Ian and Fadzil scored one more point. So, after Round 4, both of them have accumulated 2/4 points and ranked 50th and 51st respectively. Meanwhile, Au is placed 58th with 1.5/4 points. Having 1/4 point, Xin Hao is ranked at 73rd. Two players in the Men section left to have a perfect score. They are Armenian GM, Avetik Gregoryan and Chinese GM, Wang Hao. The Men's section is so strong especially the Chinese players where they dominate the top 5 seeds where two of them are in the 2700-club and the rest are in the 2600-club.  GiLoCatur hopes all the Malaysian players will take the advantage to learn and gain as much experience as possible. ]

The Women

Table 17, Jeslin TAY Li Jin (Singapore) vs Felicia WOON Hui Fei
Table 19, Merihan MAHMOUD (Egypt) vs Nur Shazwani ZULLKAFLI
Table 28, Garam YOU (Korea) vs Norhaida HUSSIN 
Table 29, PANG Hwei Yih vs Sanae EL AMRI (Morocco)

[ Latest update (12:05am, 17/08/2011): It seems a tough battle for Felicia to upset her Singaporean WFM opponent. Thus, she could not win her fourth round match. All the other Malaysian women players won their respective matches. So, after Round 4, Shazwani is ranked 19th with 2.5/4 points. Felicia is 39th, Hwei Yih is 49th and Norhaida is 50th. All the three of them have 1.5/4 points. IM Irina Vasilevich from Russia is leading with the perfect score. They will rest on Wednesday, 17th August. The fifth round will be on 18th August morning. ]

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