Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GiLoCatur's Humble Opinion - Part 2

Kelantan Closed (KC 2011) Chess Championship was held several days ago. The champion had emerged from about 100 Kelantanese chess players. Syabas and tahniah to Nik Ahmad Farouqi for being able to win over the defending champion, Syed Azizi Abdul Rahman during the play-off after both of them tied with 6.5/7 points. Congratulation and kudos to the PCNK's committees for successfully organizing the championship.

GiLoCatur is very happy that the Kelantan state chess association has become active in chess tournaments and events. But GiLoCatur is not very happy for the fact that GiLoCatur's beloved Selangor state chess association has become inactive in chess. Many local chess players particularly the Selangorians are eager to have chess allegros that the state chess association used to organize. The last one was held more than seven months ago.

GiLoCatur is happy because three of the four Kelantanese chess juniors that being highlighted in this blog a couple of weeks ago (here) took part in the KC 2011. They are Nik Muhammad Haziq Najmuddin, Muhd Faiz Zakaria and Fatin Nor Sahariah Abd Jalil. To have the continuity in their rating review, GiLoCatur would like to look at their performance in the tournament in terms of rating. GiLoCatur hopes that they do not mind being reviewed and focussed here. GiLoCatur also hopes this review will motivate and encourage them as well as other Malaysian chess juniors to improve their games especially in terms of the national ratings.

As per below tournament profile, Haziq played against two higher-rated and five unrated opponents in the KC 2011. He did not manage to win over the two rated opponents as well as losing twice against the unrated participants. Having the 33rd starting rank, with 3/7 points Haziq was placed 58th and had the rating performance of 1246, minus 8 points than his latest national ratings.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Faiz had a good tournament after managed to earn more than 200 points. Initially ranked 32nd with MCF ratings of 1256, he managed to take points from two higher-rated opponents. In the second round, he upsets the 7th seed whose ratings is 1589. Had he win over the other two 1500-rated players, his tournament ratings performance would jump higher. Syabas Faiz and keep it up in other rated chess tournaments. Practice more and keep learning.

As for Fatih, she played more or less to her ratings strength. The defending champion who was her 3rd round opponent may be still hard to beat. But with great efforts of more practice, more chess coaching, more chess books reading and studying, and more chess tournaments participating, she will be able to move up the ratings ladder. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is beyond reach. She only lose to one unrated player in the final round. It is either the unrated opponent is actually a strong player or she was out of steam. Stamina is very important and crucial for a chess player. Physical exercise must not be neglected.

GiLoCatur hopes that they will take part in the National Age Group (NAG) championship next month. Hopefully, PCNK does not only sponsor its representative to the National Closed, but also the juniors to junior chess tournaments like the NAG. Or maybe it can assist in chess coaching. Yes, it is not easy to get the fund but we the Malaysian chess community needs to strive for the bright future of chess in the country. GiLoCatur is very positive that PCNK is capable of doing so since it has "GOMO KELATE GOMO" spirit he ... he ... he ... Betu dok Badbishop?

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