Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Hectic Weekend ... mmm ...

This weekend is a "PIBG" or PTA in English (still don't know what it is? he he PTA is the acronym for Parents Teachers Association) meeting for GiLoCatur and other SKBJ and KUSESS parents. Trying to be a good parent, GiLoCatur would not miss a PIBG meeting / AGM. But for this year, GiLoCatur had and would miss such meeting. Hopefully, GiLoCatur can at least make it for the SKBJ's.

Last year, GiLoCatur had only two PIBG meetings - SMK S18's and SKBJ's. But this year, GiLoCatur has one more - KUSESS's. Due to some commitments and programs, GiLoCatur missed the first one a couple of weeks ago and will miss the KUSESS's. It is kind of sad since the KUSSES's would be the first time for GiLoCatur.

Forget about PIBG meetings. What we, the Malaysian chess coumminity, will have this weekend?

On Saturday, 26th Feb

There would be two INSOFAR tournaments:

1) the 2nd Elite Open Preliminary 2 that will be scheduled from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

2) the Prestige Junior Chess Tournament that will be held in the afternoon from 2.00 to 6.00pm.

Please SMS your name, age & name of tournament to 0172032051 to register to earn the opportunity to win cash prizes, IF YOU DARE!

... GiLoCatur missed below chess tourney ...

3) SCC Grand Prix Serie A that was held in Kuantan. (note: SCC stands for Setia Chess center) How many players had participated? Who won? Click here if you want to know the winners while here for the full pairings and results. The photo report can be viewed here. [added on Sunday, 27th Feb 2011 at 2.00 am]

On Sunday, 27th Feb

The MAVERICK DATCC Chess Rapid Weekender which registration is already closed after crossing 100 participants.

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