Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Malaysian National Closed Chess Championship - Part 3

Just received the pre-registered list of the incoming 2011 National Closed from Najib Wahab via email a couple of hours ago. Below is the list for the Women's section.

Just 12 players who, as far as GiLoCatur knows, all are Under 20 years old had registered including Anis, GiLoCatur's daughter.

pssst: GiLoCatur believes the rank in the above table means the order of registering. Rank 1 for Anis means that she is the first one to submit her name.

The defending champion, WCM Fong Mi Yen, will be participating. Her Olympiad team mate, WCM Nur Nabila, is also in the list. Nabila's name is already in the SEA Games selection list. But GiLoCatur believes she is eying for the NWM title. Will Alia participate too? One thing that the selection criteria needs to be addressed clearly, in GiLoCatur's opinion, say if WFM Alia also participates and both she and Nabila are among the top 8 finishers, will they be included or not? Is it 2 + 8 (won't be Top 8; Top 10, then if both of them are among the Top 8 finishers? or is it 2 + 6? GiLoCatur hopes this criteria will be more specific and stated clearly. Avoid assumption.

GiLoCatur hopes many more women / girl players especially all the NWMs will take part in the tournament. Who else to support our chess community?

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