Monday, February 28, 2011

DATCC Maverick Crowd Pullers Photos

GiLoCatur was there to witness the magic moment at the DATCC last Sunday. GiLoCatur wasn't playing but was recording the moment.

You know the results and the winners from and other blogs.

GiLoCatur witnessed several upsets. Happy and smiling faces of the victors. Sad face and tears of the losing players.

GiLoCatur would like to share several interesting photos during the marvellous rapid weekender tournament. GiLoCatur would like to call them the "crowd pullers" photos.

The above moment was in Round 1. There must be something special why there was the crowd like this, right? Only those who were there felt the magic moment watching the special game. So, don't you feel you should be there too?

In chess, age is no barrier. A young player is capable to win a chess match over an adult. The above battle over a chess board between a senior versus a junior happened in Round 2.

No doubt, the current Malaysian top player based on FIDE ratings, International Master (IM) Mas Hafizulhelmi has always been a crowd puller during a local chess tournament like the DATCC Maverick. Mmmmm ... GiLoCatur wonders what Ilham was thinking or planning by watching closely Mas's game. Is he gonna write "How To Beat IM Mashafizul for Dummies"?

Round 2

GiLoCatur is very glad that the juniors were watching Mas's game. They can learn something from him. One fact that the juniors should learn from him is that YOU SHOULD ALWAYS RECORD YOUR GAME EVEN THOUGH NOT MANDATORY.

Round 4

A Woman Fide Master (WFM) can be a crowd puller too. Every one wants to win against a titled player. Only the player who wins over a title player knows what the feeling it is. Right, Lucas? Make your very supportive mom proud!

Round 4 : Nabil versus Sumant

GiLoCatur believes these two players have played each other so many times. Do they know their personal encounter records? During the Maverick tourney, their chess match is a crowd puller.

Round 6

The encounter between Malaysian-based "pinoy" Ian Udani and Fong Yit San in the sixth round is also a crowd puller. GiLoCatur strongly believes that the win by the latter had a big impact on the former that kept him out of the winners list. Other juniors should be motivated by this tremendous feat.


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I have posted on my blog what i think when watching this game :)

Thanks for the pic!