Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PERCAWI City Day Age Group Chess Open - The Report

Today is 1st February.

Schools and offices in Kuala Lumpur are closed or off today. PERCAWI or Wilayah Chess Association held a chess event named as the PERCAWI City Day Age Group Chess Open at Cochrane's . The tourney is 6 Swiss rounds of G/25 format.

How many did participate?

The tournament is divided into two categories - Boys Under 18 and Girls Under 18. The former had attracted more than 50 participants while the latter just managed to attract about 20 girl chess players.

Who are the champions?

In the boys section, Kung Kah Heng (below picture) who is the 13th seed managed to be the champion after winning 5 games and drew one. By scoring 5.5/6 points and having better tie break over Fikri who scores the same point, Kah Heng was declared the winner.

Kung Kah Heng

While in the girls section, the top seed Olivia Madhavan (below picture) who is also the daughter of the PERCAWI's president, Mr Collin, won the section from 5 wins and 1 draw. In the final round, she beats Anis Fariha, GiLoCatur's daughter.

Olivia Madhavan

Click here to view the final ranking for the girls section.

Click here to view the final ranking for the boys section.


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