Saturday, February 19, 2011

3rd Week of February Weekend Chess Tourneys

Two chess events during this weekend as far as GiLoCatur acknowledges.

One is called the USM 1Malaysia Chess Open held at Nibong Tebal's USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) Engineering Campus. The seven-round G/25, 25 minute time-control, tournament will start today at 10.00am as per schedule. GiLoCatur believes all Penang chess players and other surrounding areas will participate in the tourney.

Another one will be held at Uptown Shah Alam. Unlike most local chess tournaments, the tourney at Uptown will start at 9.00 pm, yes at night. The format will be seven-round G/15 meaning 15 minute time control per player. The tourney is scheduled to end at around 1 o'clock after midnite.

GiLoCatur and the kids, Insya Allah, will be among the participants tonite. Shah Alam folks, ADA BERANI?

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