Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice Room Treat After DATCC Renegade

GiLoCatur played in the DATCC Renegade Rapid held last weekend. GiLoCatur just managed to win two games and drew one. But in overall, GiLoCatur is happy with the performance. It is not GiLoCatur who played badly, but the opponents played better ... LOL!

After the tournament, GiLoCatur and the kids went to the Ice Room to have a special treat. Do you want to know what did we have? Check out below pictures ...
first, GiLoCatur had "assam fish" with rice ...

then, mmmmmm yummie Durian flavoured ice cream as the dessert ... :)-

Fikri had the above "nasi lemak"

... whilst Anis had the above spaghetti with cream ... mmmmm looks delicious uh?

HOW ABOUT YOU? What kind of food will you have after playing in a chess tournament?

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Raymond Siew said...

Hi Salleh, I want to thank you for highlighting to the chess community what the Indonesians are doing for SEA games. I hear some khabar angin that this is being seriously considered. Keeping my fingers crossed. All my best to Fikri and family.