Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Chess Connections ... A Chess Blog By An Arbiter

pssst ... sorry Najib for showing the whole world the owner and author of the new chess blog . i hope u don't mind :)-

Another Malaysian chess blog is in the Net. Making its debut on Tuesday 15th February, The Chess Connections provides insights on Malaysian chess from the perspective of a chess arbiter and organizer. The blog is authored by Najib Wahab (above picture), the current caretaker of DAT Chess Center.

Welcome aboard, amigo! (amigo is Spanish which means a friend)

[ GiLoCatur : Both Najib and GiLoCatur have one in common. Both of us were once living and studying in Texas, USA (Najib in Lubbock, GiLoCatur in El Paso) where Spanish language is very common. ]


SomeDaysLikeThese said...

Senor GiloCatur

I... no habla Espanol....

But mucho gracias amigo... for the introduction. I was hoping that you would use a "younger" picture of mine but, that one can oso lah

Najib Wahab

Zamri Zain said...

A very good intention...well done. I am one who have the same thought.