Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UPSI Chess Open IS BACK!

Can you guess for what chess tournament the trophy in the above picture is? The holder is the champion last year who received it? Can you guess who was the champ?

Still no clue about the answers? Maybe below picture will give you better clue. Surely, most the Malaysian chess community especially the Selangor MSS chess contingent know below macho and handsome man. LOL! He is non other than Cikgu Zull.

Cikgu Zull has messaged that just be prepared and mark your calendar for 23rd & 24th October 2010. The dates are for the 4th UPSI Chess Open. The details are yet to be published. But if based on the previous tournaments. It would be 7 SWISS system rounds. The format is G/60 or 60 minutes time control per player. Four rounds on the first day, another three on the second one. The prize money? RM1,000 or maybe more for the Open champion. GiLoCatur hopes the prize money for Under 12 & Under 18 categories would be increased to motivate and attract Malaysian junior chess players. Another important thing, promotion and tournament flyers shall be distributed to all nearby schools.

SO, INSYA ALLAH SEE YOU IN UPSI, TANJONG MALIM. Quality and standards chess tournaments like UPSI Open are not many in Malaysia. Still got much time to practice, have chess sparring and learn new tricks and moves.

Check out the reports and pictures of the previous UPSI Open editions below.

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