Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Be A Champion Wherever You Are!

Which chess school team is it, the above picture? Can you guess? Is it a Malaysian chess school team? The answer is NO. Actually, it is the Lincoln Primary School chess team of New Zealand which is located in a city named Christchurch. Christchurch which is also known as the Garden City, is the second largest city in New Zealand. So, what is so special about the team that GiLoCatur wants to share here?

If you look carefully at the picture, you will notice Malaysian faces. Yes, indeed, the team that had won the Christchurch interschool chess competition recently comprise of Malaysian kids. The champion in the scholastic tournament is the 8-year-old Nurul Farhana Halim Shuhaimi (same age with Fahim, GiLoCatur's youngest son) with a stunning full 7/7 points. GiLoCatur wrote about her last year in this blog - here. Her siblings - Nurul Izzah and Aiman, are also in the team.

Syabas and tahniah to Farhana for winning the tournament. The same also goes to her dedicated and chess-loving father, Mr Halim. Keep up the good and hard work. Who knows, she will be the first Malaysian chess grandmaster. Malaysia needs more potential and very determined chess youngsters to put it on the world chess map.

While browsing, the New Zealand chess website dedicated for its chess juniors, GiLoCatur thinks that we, the Malaysian chess society, should learn and emulate what should be done to develop and promote chess among the Malaysian youngsters from it. If other countries can develop chess, have various chess programs, have an excellent chess website to disseminate chess-related info and news and promote chess, why can't us? It doesn't matter whether it is commercial or non-commercial. If it is too difficult to get the fund for chess development (GiLoCatur believes the government can help by the way) from the government, be it commercial. Learn from the chesskids!

(GiLoCatur : Check out the chesskids website. Download its Knights Times newsletters. It is free!)

If you want to view the full report or story, click here.

Click here to view the full results of Farhana's rounds.

(GiLoCatur : thank you to zovic and Jaiz Anuar for pointing out the info and news.)

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