Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dungun Chess Open - 16th & 17th July 2010 (UPDATE 2)

Below are the latest updates and results for the Dungun Chess Open.

In the fifth round, the top seed drew while playing against the 6th seed at the top board. On the second board, the fifth seed Abg Bro who travel from Kuala Lumpur won his game against his 4th seed opponent. So, he has the full 5 points entering the sixth round and leading with half points. Can he takes the advantage to cruise through to be the champion?

In the sixth round, Abg Bro met the top seed Wai Cheong at the top board. He could not manage to win the 6th round game. Five other players joined him in the five pointers group. Wai Cheong and Abdullah led the tournament with 5.5/6 points.

So, what are the pairings for the 7th round? It is as per below picture.

GiLoCatur notices that three bloggers - Muhammad Arshad of caturterengganu@blogspot, Norazlin Juarih aka Badbishops and Mohd Fadli Zakaria aka stonemaster, will be playing in the top ten boards. The most impressive one is Badbishops since he is ranked 31st. So, what are the results? Just wait for the update ... later. Or you can check out the updates in their respective chess blogs.

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