Saturday, July 10, 2010

2nd Ole Ole Shah Alam Chess Championship - The Champions

Few hours ago, GiLoCatur was participating in the 2nd Ole Ole Chess Championship along with GiLoCatur's two boys - Fikri & Fahim Al-Faqeh. We arrived at the tournament venue (above pic) at around 9.00am. After paying the tournament fees, GiLoCatur rushed to the wet market at Section 6 to buy a supply of fish, chicken and vegetables. The tournament would start at 10.00am.

GiLoCatur hurried back to the Ole Ole shopping complex when completed the routine task. GiLoCatur reached the venue about 15 minutes past 10.00am. Luckily, the first round did not start yet. Who was GiLocatur's first round opponent? How many chess players were participating? Who were the champions? To know all the answers, go to the blog ( where GiLoCatur dedicates for the pairings and results of a local chess tournament. The blog will be the database of the local chess tournaments especially the ones that GiLoCatur or/and the kids participate.

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