Sunday, July 11, 2010

Faces of Several Ole Ole Open Chess Participants

Mr Razali Idris

The above Mr Razali who operates a computer shop nearby the Ole Ole shopping complex was the first round of GiLoCatur's opponent. GiLoCatur hopes he will participate more in chess tournaments especially in Shah Alam area. For anyone who needs his computer-related services like repair, rental and sale please give him a call at 03-5542 2000 (Crescent Communications Sdn Bhd) or email

A different style of focussing on the chess board ...

Mohd Khairuzzaman (left) versus Ahmed M Zaki

Bilal M Zeki

In the third round, GiLoCatur met the above chess opponent, a Jordanian. Not only the Filipinos and the Indonesian participated in a Malaysian local chess tournament, but Jordanians too. GiLoCatur was late and had about 10 minutes left to play. Bilal used his time efficiently and took the advantage to defeat GiLoCatur who dreamed to be among the winners in the tournament. Not a bad game for GiLoCatur actually.

Mohd Khairuzzaman Mohd Kasiran

GiLoCatur faced the above chess player in the fifth round. GiLoCatur fumbled a winning advantage for attacking aggressively even though had more time than him. Finally, our game ended draw. What a missed opportunity for GiLoCatur to earn the full point.

Azhar MS versus Hanafi Roslan

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