Friday, July 2, 2010

GiLoCatur's Family Vacation At Perlis - Part 1

While at Perlis in the second week of June this year for the MSSM Chess Championship, GiLoCatur and family took the opportunity to holidaying. On the third day of the tournament after the fourth round ended, GiLoCatur, wife and the youngest kid, Fahim, made several visits. Where did we go? The first stop is a private grape farm at Mr Hasamudin's in Kampung (Village) Guar Jentik. Yeah, you read it right. In Malaysia, there are grape farms you know. Below pictures are the proof.

GiLoCatur and wife were snapped by Fahim while touching the Malaysian grape.

Surely, Fahim will always remember this visit. Such experience and educational visit shall be a good lesson and learning activity for him.

Fahim was very happy to get the chance to pluck some grapes assisted by the owner of the farm. What an experience for him. If you or your kid want to have such wonderful experience, make a visit to Mr Hasamudin's grape farm if you are in Perlis. We bought some to have the taste of the Malaysian grape. The price is just RM5, at about 1 US Dollar and 50 cents per kilogram. (GiLoCatur : The price may differ in the future.)

GiLoCatur would like to thank you Mr Hasamudin for his kind hospitality and graciousness during our visit to his grape farm. To those who are interested to visit his grape farm, please pay him a call - .

After visiting the grape farm, the three of us drove to Padang Besar. It is a border town which is famous for inexpensive products and items like comforter, handbags, clothing and jeans. Not much to buy for us actually. Just made a visit to the town after our last one several years ago. We did not cross the Thai border since we did not bring our passports. GiLoCatur just bought a souvenir which cost only 10 Malaysian Ringgit.

While on the way back to Kangar, the capital state of Perlis, we stopped at a "bird" farm. What kind of bird it is? A big one. In Malay, we called it "Burung Unta" or ostrich in English. GiLoCatur gave the chance for Fahim to feed the birds as can be seen in the above and below pictures. Another wonderful and knowledgeable experience for him. It is very important for parents to teach and expose their children to nature and animals.

What GiLoCatur can say and share :

  • There are many interesting places that we can visit in Malaysia.
  • Expose and teach our children to the nature and animals.
  • Education and learning is not only in the classroom, but also outside.
  • It is vary pity for not giving the chance to our children to explore and enjoy the nature.

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