Monday, October 12, 2015

Ian Udani - 4-Time UPSI Chess Open Champion

Monday, 12/10/2015

Ian Udani has emerged as the champion of the UPSI Chess Open which is just concluded yesterday. The win is his fourth for the UPSI Chess Championship. Ian who is ranked 45th in the latest FIDE ratings for his country scores 6.5/7 points the same as his compatriot, Lorena Carlo.  Having lower tie-break, Lorena is placed second. 

The second Runner Up went to local player, Masrin Erowan, who hails from Sabah. He accumulates 6/7 points from 6 wins. 

Below is the Top 10 of the Final Ranking for UPSI Chess Open in the Open category. 

The Top 10 Final Ranking

Battle of the champions in the final round - Saprin (left) and Ian Udani (right)
photo credit to 17cc whatsapp group

Congratulations to all the winners in the UPSI Chess Open including the gangs of 17CC.

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