Thursday, October 29, 2015

CIU - UM-IPT 2015 FIDE-rated Chess Tournament

2015 KARISMA Chess Championship had just ended today. The champions and the winners had been crowned. GiLoCatur will update later about this.

GiLoCatur would like to share a chess tournament organized by a University and KPM for the students of Malaysian Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) which include both private and public universities, community colleges, polytechnics and other colleges.

The tournament is by invitation and will be held from 13th to 15th November 2015. Before writing further, GiLoCatur would like to seek a thousands of apologies from Dr Ng Siew Cheok of Universiti Malaya for forgetting to publish early about this tournament. 

Dr Siew Cheok had emailed GiLoCatur the details and entry form of the tournament 13 days ago. GiLoCatur praises and salutes this effort by UM Sports Center for organizing the tournament to provide a FIDE-rated standard time control tournament for chess players from local Institution of Higher Learning. 

Below are the details of the tournament:

Introduction & Eligibility

Eligibility continues

Date, Venue, Format, Time Control & Fees

The schedule from 13th to 15th Nov 2015

Info on Tie-Break

The Prizes

For further enquiries, please send an email to Dr. Ng Siew Cheok ( or contact Mrs. Nurfadhilah at 03-79676980 (


     26/10/2015 (before)  - Entry Form Submission
     29/10/2015  - Invitation

      3/11/2015 (before)  - Accept Invitation

      6/11/2015  - Invitation to KIV List

     13 to 15/11/2015  - Tournament days

Legend : CIU = Chess In University

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