Saturday, October 20, 2012

Play Sicilian Dragon Like IM Yee Weng

GiLoCatur wonders whether the Malaysian chess community especially the young and new ones know who IM Yee Weng is. 

It is a puzzle to GiLoCatur that many Malaysian chess players and enthusiasts do not know about Malaysian top players. For example, do you know how many chess masters - Grand (GM), International  (IM) and Fide (FM), Malaysia has so far? And once again it will be a big puzzle to GiLoCatur if a Malaysian chess player still can't find the answer in the now "maklumat di hujung jari" era.

Back to GiLoCatur's earlier question, please spend your time to read the interview with IM Lim Yee Weng by Junior Tay here to get some info and insights about him. Maybe you can learn Sicilian Dragon moves and tricks from few of his annotated games published in the interview article.

GiLoCatur began to know Yee Weng back in end of April of 2008. GiLoCatur along with both Fikri and Anis took part in our first FIDE-rated chess tournament, the 35th Selangor International Open. Yee Weng emerged as the champion after scoring 7.5/9 points. In the following year in the 36th edition of the Selangor Open, IM Yee Weng who is one year junior of  IM Mas and is same age as IM Zi Jing tried to defend his title. Click here to find out whether he succeeded the feat.

IM Yee Weng on 3rd board in the 36th Selangor Open
The image from GiLoCatur Photo Collection

GiLoCatur made several coverages on Yee Weng's international stints herehere, here and here.

GiLoCatur would like to wish IM Yee Weng BEST OF LUCK in his dream and aim to become a Grand Master (GM). Who knows, he might be the FIRST Malaysian GM.

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