Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Local Chess Tournaments In The Last Two Months of 2012

How time flies.

It is quite klise. It is a common expression. In fact, it is an idiom. GiLoCatur hopes Malaysian nowadays youngsters know what an idiom is. 

Why GiLoCatur uttered the above idiom? In less than two weeks the long school holidays will begin. The new year of 2013 will come leaving the year of 2012 in about two months. It also means, year wise, that GiLoCatur's age of a very good number of 44 will increase one more year.

What else chess parents like GiLoCatur will plan for their chess-playing children? Register the children for chess tournaments, right? Especially during the weekends. It is important for parents like GiLoCatur to make sure that the children occupy the children's school holidays with beneficial and good activities. It is very fortunate for chess parents like GiLoCatur because almost on every weekends there are chess tournaments  being held in both coming November and December months. Let's check out one by one.

3rd & 4th NOV weekend

On Saturday, a chess tournament for juniors especially in the southern region will be held at Giant Plentong Hypermarket located in Masai, JB. The tournament which is divided into two categories - Under 12 (primary school) and Under 17 (secondary school) will be played in 7 SWISS rounds of 20-minute-per player format. It is organized by Giant Plentong Hypermarket, JB Chess Association and Rakan Muda Johor Bahru. Click here for further details and download the entry form. 

On Sunday, there are two chess tournaments that GiLoCatur is aware of. One is for juniors only while the other one is for OKU and team participation.

At SJK(C) Kepong 2, the 18th edition of Kepong Juniors Open chess tournament will be held. Unfortunately, it is already full meaning no more new registration will be accepted. There are four categories which offer championship trophy. The tournament has high value in GiLoCatur's eyes because it is a national-rated event and allow participants to play against their own peers. Why a national-rated event has high value? It will provide the bench mark and progress of a chess player.

Don't worry for those who cannot take part in the Kepong Juniors event. Another event which is known as Braille chess tournament is still open for the Malaysian chess community on the same day. The event has two categories which are Individual for the blinds and team open. The entry fee for the team event is only RM50 per team which comprises four players. The event which is jointly organized by KL Braille Resources and DBKL will be held at the closed stadium of Titiwangsa Lake. To download the entry form and find out further details, please go to this blog. The closing date is on the coming 1st November.

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