Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will Selangor Open Stop At The 38th Edition?

Being born in Selangor, it is very proud for GiLoCatur to be involved or take part in the Selangor Chess Open. When was the first time GiLoCatur took part or be involved in the oldest chess tourney in Malaysia? 

GiLoCatur still remembers very clearly when GiLoCatur and family had to rush from the Selangor state MSS chess championship in Gombak to the Selangor Open venue in the year of 2008. It was in that year when Fikri started playing for the first time in the MSS chess championship.

In that 35th edition, GiLoCatur joined Fikri and Anis taking part in the Selangor Open. At that time, Fikri's national rating was 1460 while his younger sister's was 887. GiLoCatur was not rated yet. Sixty two (62) players took part. Yee Weng became the champion.

In the 36th edition, only Fikri and Anis took part. GiLoCatur decided not to take part. Fikri and Anis were among ninety (90) participants. Nicholas Chan emerged as the champion.

In the 37th edition, the number of participants decreased to seventy one (71) players. Fikri was seeded 42nd with national rating of 1572 while Anis was seeded 55th with national rating of 1369. Nicholas Chan defended his championship.

Unfortunately, in the 38th edition, GiLoCatur and the kids were not part of the tournament. The tournament had attracted eighty one (81) participants. Nicholas Chan made a hattrick by winning the championship.

So, this year will be its 39th edition.  BUT WAIT, the tournament may not be continued due to no budget. GiLoCatur has no money to contribute to ensure the Selangor Open keeps going. GiLoCatur only has blogging skills to offer as a contribution to the event.

To all the Malaysian chess enthusiasts especially the Selangorians please come forward to make contribution to make sure that the Selangor Open will continue as usual. Please contact Mr Lim Tse Pin if you want to make money contribution. Click here to get his contact number. 

So, 39th Edition? 

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