Monday, March 26, 2012

Insofar Combined Chess Tournament (March)

Yesterday, GiLoCatur took part in the Insofar Combined chess tournament the month of March edition. GiLoCatur and the kids did not participate in both the January and February edition. The March edition had attracted more participants than its previous two editions. 134 players took part in the 7-round 25-minute-per player chess tournament compared to 120.

GiLoCatur does not have the official results yet. GiLoCatur and family left early missing the closing and prize giving ceremony. Who emerged champion in this month edition? The previous edition champions - Sumant (January) and AM Fadzil Nayan (February) also took part yesterday. Click here for Insofar January edition  results and here for Insofar February edition results.

Based on below Round 7 pairings, can you guess who is the champion and other Top 10 winners?

Round 7 pairings 1/2

Round 7 pairings 2/2

GiLoCatur believes you will be a bit surprise with the final results. The unofficial Top 4 winners are .... deng .. deng ... deng ...

Champion - Yeoh Li Tian
1st Runner up - Yusop Sahibul
2nd Runner up - Muhd Alfirdaus Md Nazir
3rd Runner up - Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli

Both Li Tian and Syazwan are among the top 10 seed. The former is first with national rating 2084 while the latter is seventh with national rating of 1895. How about Yusop and Alfirdaus? Yusop who is GiLoCatur's first round opponent is unrated and is seeded 140th. While Alfirdaus, an IPT student GiLoCatur believes, is the 57th seed with national rating of 1460.

Surely, the most appropriate and minimum number of rounds for the total of 134 number of participants is eight (8). But the first round started about 15 minutes to 11 o'clock. Fortunately, with the efficiency and quickness of Najib Wahab as the pairing manager the tournament could be completed by six thirty (6.30pm).  Importantly, the time control was not reduced. It was 25-minute-per-player for all the seven rounds.

Bravo and kudos to Mr Zaki Yeop of Insofar, Najib Wahab and all including both the players and their parents who made the event memorable. Below are several pictures of the tournament for all to see. 

First Round - Table 5 to Table 8

IM Giam also taking part

Zambri Shariff & Bob Yap were also playing

Mustafa Said who decades ago wrote "PETAK 64" also playing

Mr Subramaniam Demudu also took part along with his three children

AM Fadzil Nayan took a glance at the top board in the first round

CM versus AM

Ilham of 2010chessodyssey blog also took part

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