Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MSSM Chess Championship 2011

MSSM Chess Championship is in its second day. Two rounds of standard format (90 minutes per player) out of the total six had been played up to now. The next third round will start at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Click here to view the tournament schedule. Each of the six categories - P12 (girls under 12), L12 (boys under 12), P15 (girls under 15), L15 (boys under 15), P18 (girls under 18) and L18 (boys under 18), will have a rest round alternately. 

Below is the summary of the rest round (meaning, all categories will play except the one mentioned below, DON'T GET CONFUSED eh! *smile* ):

Tuesday, 31/5/2011 - P12 afternoon session

Wednesday, 1/6/2011 - L12 morning sesssion, P15 afternoon session

Thursday, 2/6/2011 - L15 morning session (Only L15 will play afternoon session)

Friday, 3/6/2011 - P18 morning session, L18 afternoon session

Saturday, 4/6/2011 - L15 morning session

The starting rank list for all the six individual categories has been published in the CATUR MSS 2011 blog site

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