Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MSSM Chess Championship 2011 (Part 3) - L15 Team

The top seed is the Penang team after being the champion last year. Selangor which includes GiLoCatur's son, Fikri, is the second seed. Last year, Fikri played in the individual category. This year he plays in the team category. His other team mates are Irfan Haqqim, and his two district team mates Jun Keat and Sunil. Two rounds had completed and the third one will start at 3 o'clock, in about half and hour.

Below is the first round result and pairing.

All the top four seeds as well as Perak, the sixth seed, cruised through the second round with convincing full match and game points. William Lee Kah Howe led his team to win over Pahang. Fikri who won against Ooi Xi Sheng helped his team to win 4 - 0 over Kedah. Meanwhile, both Wilayah Persekutuan and Johor defeated their respective opponent teams.

Round 1 - results
In the second round, the top four seeds continue their winning streak, also with full game points. 

Round 2 - results

In the third round, the four teams meet each other. Pulau Pinang plays Johor and Selangor plays Kuala Lumpur. This round is very important to all the four states to decide who will emerge as the champion. LET'S THE BATTLE BEGIN!

R3 - pairing

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