Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 Chess Olympiad (Part 9)

In the second round for the Women Chess Olympiad team, Malaysia won convincingly 4-0 against lower-rated Ethiopia. Nurul Huda was rested, while Mi Yen played on the fourth board. SYABAS to the team for the win and shall keep on winning especially over lower-seeded teams. Singapore joined the winning fray when they also beat convincingly against its opponents.

India is too strong for the Indonesian girls. Only Warda Aulia Medina managed to draw with her 300-ratings higher opponent. Vietnam and Philippines joined Indonesia for losing 0.5-3.5 against their respective opponents - Cuba and Romania. Thailand, the lowest-seeded among the ASEAN countries, was beaten 1-3 by the Bolivian ladies.

Who will Malaysia meet in the third round for both Men and Women teams?

The Malaysian ladies will play against Austria who was defeated by Azerbaijan in Round 2. While the Malaysian boys will have a tough challenge to beat Lithuania, the 39th seed. With "Malaysia Boleh" spirit, hopefully both the Malaysian teams can win or at least draw.

"Kepada semua rakyat Malaysia, terutamanya komuniti catur, mari berikan kata-kata semangat, peransang dan sokongan kepada pasukan kita yang berjuang di bumi Khanty-Mansiysk."

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svguna jb said...

Semoga pasukan lelaki dan wanita Malaysia dapat mengekalkan momentum pusingan ke-2 untuk perlawanan2 berikutnya. "Malaysia Boleh"!!!!!!!