Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reading Kosmo newspaper today I was attracted to Ragam Global! on page 50. I want to share it here.

1) Mini tank known as mini King Tiger. Watch out guys who love to play remote-control helicopter, car or aeroplane. I think I have yet seen it in Malaysia. A company in Britain has created a remote-control mini "kereta kebal" as per the above picture. But mind you the cost is 10,000 pound sterling. :)- More details about it, please check this link

2) If you found a quite huge sum of money, would you return it? A lady named Debra Rogoff in USA is so honest that she returns a US10,000 money she found while buying a box of crackers from a grocery store. The money actually belongs to an elderly lady who does not believe to keep her money in  a bank. Sound familiar eh? In Malaysia, GiLoCatur believes still many people especially the old generation who keep their money at home - under pillow, in the closet etc. Many lessons from this story. BE HONEST! HONEST PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD. EVEN IN THE DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, SOME PEOPLE STILL HAVE DOUBTS OF THE MODERN STYLE OF LIVING LIKE THE SECURITY OF THE BANK.

3) In London, the firemen from Bukinghamshire used baby oxygen mask to help six cats from dying of breathing smoke in a house fire. What a treat for those cats in Britain. Here in Malaysia, many cats are treated badly and being abused. Hopefully, such bad attitude towards animals like cats will change.

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