Monday, December 29, 2008

MBSA Chess Open Photos

GiLoCatur played white against Kamal Azmi Wahiduddin, the older brother of NM Kamal Arifin in Round 3. GiLoCatur is yet the same class / level with him since he has 1617 national rating . GiLoCatur was punished for not giving attention to his white Bishop threat.

Another GiLoCatur's chess buddie, Mohd Faizul, in action playing white againts NM Zarul Shazwan.

Roslan Sulaiman from Sungai Besar played white againts NM Zarul Shazwan Zullkafli (1903). GiLoCatur was being told by Roslan that the meeting point for Sungai Besar and Sabak Bernam area chess players is at a hawker center near Dataran Sungai Besar. Surely, GiLoCatur will go there whenever going back hometown during public holidays and have chess games with my hometown folks. By checking the latest national ratings (based on October 2008), Roslan is quite a strong player. He is a 1600+ rating player.

Muhd Bukhari Sulkifly aka Boey (Nat. ratings 1546) was playing againts NM Kamal Arifin Wahiduddin (1832). GiLoCatur had a very tight game with him in earlier round. He was mistakenly enrolled in the Open category. But GiLoCatur believes by participating in this category he can have very good experience by playing againts top local chess players as he plan to make an impact in the next year MSSM. 

NM Kamal Abdullah (1952) aka Empire Strikes Back vs Norazman Ismail (1682).

Mohd Hanizam of Tanjong Karang (blue shirt) is also one of GiLoCatur's chess friends.

WCM Nur Shazwani Zullkafli (1808) vs veteran player, Cikgu Mat Zaki Yeop (1568). At the back, Faizal Andin (1749) vs Abdullah Che Hassan (1821), the champion.

World Police Champion Ismail Ahmad (1910) was concentrating on his game. Beside him is Mohd Fauzi Bin Ahim (blue shirt) whose hometown is also Sabak Bernam like GiLoCatur. In fact, several GiLoCatur elementary school mates were also his secondary school mates.

One of GiLoCatur's chess buddies, Razali Hamzah aka Ng6 (1566) wearing black shirt was very focus on the chessboard. GiLoCatur had a couple of games with him in between rounds. 

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