Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seventh Round Sarawak Chess Open

Round 7 Pairing

Six players share 5 points. On board 1, Ian Udani and Abdullah CH drew. FM Mok Tze-Meng, NM Kamal Abdullah, Masrin Erowan and Lim Zhou Ren won againts their respective opponents. The Sarawak CA president, Mr Lim Kian Hwa, won againts FM Soon Wei Yee. He scores 4 and 1/2 points. Three other players with the same point are Aaron Chua, NM Edward Lee and Japeri Reduan.

Tbl 27: Fikri vs Nadzri Izzbullah (1/2-1/2)

Tbl 17: Irfan vs Michelle Ho (1/2-1/2)

Tbl 29: Me vs Chee Han Mervyn Nyam (1-0)

Both the boys drew their games tonite. My expectation was that they both could win the games. But that's chess. You may win againts stronger opponent but you also may lose to weaker opponent.

As for me, I enjoyed my game tonite. The game can be viewed by clicking this link.

... 11:33 pm, Borneo Hotel ...

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