Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fifth Round Sarawak Open

Round 5 Pairing

Some updates on the top boards. Abdullah CH won the game yesterday night to make him the only one who has not lost yet. Top seed and last year's defending champion, FM Mok Tze-Meng drew with an Indonesian player, David Hukom. NM Edward Lee was defeated by the Singaporean youngster, FM Daniel Howard. Ian Udani won to meet the Singaporean FM on second board. The games for Boards 6, 7 & 8 are drawn. FM Soon Wei Yee, Kamaludin  Yusof, and NM Kamal Abdullah won their respective games.

Tbl 13: Fikri was against the President of Sarawak CA, Mr Lim Kian Hwa

In this round, Fikri got the chance to play againts a 1900-rated player. In some point he had winning position but could not translate it to a win. It would be a huge victory for him had he win the game. Last night sweet victory could not continue this morning. (:-

Tbl 11: Irfan was up againts the third seed, Sulaiman Amir Fakhry

Irfan drew this game. It is a very important 1/2 point for him. So far, he had played two games againts FIDE-rated players.

Tbl 24: Me againts AzharHaji Abu Bakar

In this fifth round, I played black againts him. With slight headache, I could not focus on the game 100%. A bit slack in the opening but I defended quite OK I think.  So far I just managed to win 2 games and lost another 3.

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