Monday, March 13, 2017

GiLoCatur At 5th Edition of KUSESS Chess Open 2017

Monday, 13/3/2017

It is about six weeks that GiLoCatur had not updated this blog. GiLoCatur has been very busy and hectic at work. Prior to  the last weekend yesterday, GiLoCatur was in East Malaysia outstation. GiLoCatur went to KK on Monday, 6/3/2017, evening and arrived at KLIA 2 on Friday night at 10:30PM from Bintulu, Sarawak. On Saturday early morning, GiLoCatur with wife and eldest child, Fikri, drove to Kuala Selangor from home to be part of the 5th Edition KUSESS Chess Open.

GiLoCatur before the KUSESS Open began

Proud to be among the arbiters for the KUSESS Open 2017 

Go to KUSESS Open Blog at for the results and photos of the 5th Edition CATUR KUSESS 2017.

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