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The Story of NAG 2016 - Part 1

Saturday, 12/3/2016

This morning around quarter to 8:00 AM, my family and I started our journey from home in Shah Alam to University Teknologi Petronas or its acronym UTP. The reason of going to UTP is two of my children - Anis and Fahim, are taking part in the National Age Group (NAG) chess championship.

The first round kicked of at 10:10 AM, ten minutes late that schedule. Due to many vehicles on the PLUS highway, we were a bit late to arrive at UTP. Luckily, we arrived before the 30-minute dateline for a forfeit game. 

Fikri (12-year-old) & Anis (10-year-old) in NAG 2008

How many times each of my children have taken part in the NAG? Mmmmm sorry, GiLoCatur cannot answer straight away. Which edition was the first time GiLoCatur's children took part? This question GiLoCatur can answer after checking on the photo album archive. GiLoCatur would also check the archive of this blog to recall the NAG editions that the three of GiLoCatur's children - Fikri, Anis & Fahim, have participated. This is one of the reasons why GiLoCatur create and write this blog. 

Fikri in Boys U12 age group category

In 2008 NAG edition, only Fikri and Anis were taking part. Aged 12-years old, Fikri was playing in Boys Under 12 age category with national ratings of 1460. He was seeded 8th out of 57 players.

Anis in Girls U10 age group category

Meanwhile, Anis was playing in Girls Under 10 age category. She was nine 10 years old and was seeded 21st out of total 26 players with national ratings of 887.  

How both fared in the NAG chess championship?

Both were not among the winners. In the NAG, the winners are only the Top 10. With 5/8 points, Fikri was ranked 17th. Several players have become Fikri's team mates in later years. Two of them were Fikri's team mates in 2011 MSSM chess championship. Three others were Fikri's team mates in 2013 MSSM chess championship. One other is Fikri's team mate in KARISMA last year.

While Anis was placed 16th. She scored 3.5/8 points. Two of the winners in Girls Under 10 age group category are the Top 3 seeded players this year. This year edition of NAG will be the last participation for Anis.

Who were the champions for each age group category in NAG 2008 edition?

Puteri Rifqah Fahada Mohd Azhar (Girls U8)
Nur Najiha Azman Hisham (Girls U10)
Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (Girls U12)
Renitha Narayanan  (Girls U16)

Tan Yong Zhao (Boys U8)
Yeoh Li Tian (Boys U10)
Tan Wei Hao (Boys U12)
Edward Lee Kim Han (Boys U16)

Surprisingly, GiLoCatur does not have the results for U14 age group categories.

#38 Nur Homestay
Seri Iskandar, Perak

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