Friday, June 14, 2013

MSSM One-Stop-Center

Hey, GiLoCatur is back after had not updated this blog for about six weeks.

Where GiLoCatur had been all this while? Two weeks ago, a chess buddy "bbmed" GiLoCatur asking whether GiLoCatur was OK since he had noticed GiLoCatur was not seen in any local chess tournament. Actually, GiLoCatur has been fine all this while. Just has not been into any chess tournament since eight weeks ago. 

One of the reasons is GiLoCatur's youngest son, Fahim, has been busy with non-chess activities and programs. His elder brother and sister stop participating in any chess tournaments after MSSM chess championship in March because they concentrate with their study and preparation for their respective big exams.  

Enough with that. And talking about MSSM, no doubt it has its own prestige. Oh sorry, not all are familiar with MSSM right? MSSM is a Malay acronym for Malaysian Schools Sport Council. There are more than twenty sports being contested every year at MSSM level. It involves all the schools - both primary and secondary, all over the country. From school going to zone or district, then going to state and finally going to national or MSSM. Therefore, the MSSM championship has its prestige even though the prizes are only medals and trophies; NOT monetary. The MSSM championship gathers the best athletes from all over the country.

Getting updates and results of the MSSM championship is a frustration for GiLoCatur. There was no one stop center or website for it. Fortunately, GiLoCatur just found it several weeks ago. Obviously, the official MSSM website (note: it is OK running on blogspot) had been started since March 2011. 

Ok Ok Ok ... You want GiLoCatur to provide the link, right? The link is >>> or also

For those especially the Malaysian parents who like to know what MSSM is all about, its vision, mission and role, just click here.

If you want to check out the results and updates of a specific sport for this year MSSM championship, you have to click this link first. And for the Malaysian chess fraternity, the MSSM chess championship updates and results can be found at

No doubt MSSM's PTPS aka Pengerusi Teknik & Pembangunan Sukan in Malay or Sports Development & Technical Chairman in English has big roles and responsibilities in the Malaysian sports grass root. Their duties and responsibilities are spelled out clearly at Its item number 8 and 12 really attract GiLoCatur. Kudos and Bravo to all MSSM's PTPS who have performed their duties and responsibilities well and diligently. Salute to them! 

GiLoCatur believes that Malaysian sports can be more successful and advanced if all parties - like athletes, parents, coaches, MSSM, MSN, sports associations and Ministry of Sports play and carry out their respective roles, duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. What is happening with Malaysian football? Why our ranking is much much below Japan, Korea and Iran when Malaysia were once if not better, were at same level? When Malaysia will be playing in the World Cup? Why our badminton team were outplayed (humiliated maybe) by Taiwan and Germany in the recent Sudirman Cup at home turf? And most importantly, when Malaysia will have its first chess Grandmaster (GM)? 

Big hope on the new Youth and Sports Minister, YB Khairy Jamaluddin, to bring the Malaysian sports into new heights and excellence.

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