Sunday, November 11, 2012

SUKIPT Chess Round 10 Update

SUKIPT Chess is going to end tomorrow.

The final 11th round will be held tomorrow morning. Three rounds completed today (Saturday, 10th Nov 2012). The tournament is in the climax phase. So, who are leading both the men's and the women's category? What were the thrilling results today?

The women's section

It is quite interesting in the 8th round because Nurul Najmi from UIA managed to hold the top seed, Xin Ting, to a draw. Losing to Siti Nor Raihan (UIA) in the 9th round surely a frustrating result for Tszee Yeung (UPSI). In the 10th round, it was Raihan's turn for a disappointment. USM player, Choon Yong, beat Raihan playing black. Nurul Najmi (UIA) had the same fate as her team mate, Raihan, losing to Lee Yin (USM). Should she won, she would join Tszee Yeung and Choon Yong in the 8 pointer group as well as Raihan. The fight has yet finish especially for both silver and bronze medals.  

The men's section

Ahmad Fadzil Nayan of UIA is currently leading the men's category. In Round 8, he drew for the first time against Syazwan of UM. In the next two rounds after that, Fadzil scored two more points. That means, having just one draw from the total of ten rounds, he has accumulated 9.5/10 points. Trailing one point, Ian Siah is currently at second place with 8/10 points. Three players are having 8/10 and 7.5/10 each. Fadzil just needs half point from his final round against Chek Kin Keuw of UPM to seal his glorious achievement in the SUKIPT Chess. If Kin Keuw manage to win and Ian Siah wins over Syazwan at Board No 2, the championship will be determined by the tie break because both Fadzil and Ian Siah will have same 9.5/10 points. For sure Fadzil will make sure the individual gold medal is his. The battle of Table No 3 is also very important especially  for both Xin Hao if USM and Abdullah Khairi KZ of UIA. The winner most probably will win the medal.

GiLoCatur strongly believes that both Guan Xin Ting of UPSI and Ahmad Fadzil Nayan of UIA will be the champions and Gold medal winners. Let's find out tomorrow!   

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