Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ROSLAN And ROSLAN In Malaysian Chess

RUSLAN is a common name in Russia or Ukraine. The most popular and highest rated chess player with such name should be Ruslan Ponomariov. With rating of 2726, he is ranked number 24th in the July Top 100 FIDE Ranking. He is one of the youngest chess player ever to earn a Grand Master (GM) title.

In Malaysia, it is ROSLAN. The only RUSLAN in Malaysian chess that GiLoCatur could think of is the father of Haslindah, the female MCF Vice President.

There are two ROSLANs in the Malaysian chess community that are familiar to GiLoCatur. Who are they?

They are Roslan Sulaiman and Roslan Abd Aziz, the father of Mohd Faizal, a junior Malaysian chess player. The former Roslan has the same home town as GiLoCatur and is rated nationally at 1679. GiLoCatur had seen him competing in several chess tournaments. He even had participated in DATMO championship.

Meanwhile, GiLoCatur had never seen the latter Roslan participating in a chess tournament. He just attended chess tournaments to support his son. GiLoCatur even doesn't know his chess rating.

BUT few days ago both Roslans had playing in the same chess competition. It was held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The name of the event is Sukan KKM ke 27 or the 27th edition of Malaysian Ministry of Health Sports. So, the photos of Roslan Abd Aziz playing in the "Sukan KKM" chess tournament is very exclusive to GiLoCatur and the Malaysian chess community.

27th Malaysian Ministry of Health Sports

Roslan Sulaiman was representing the state of Wilayah Persekutuan KL while Roslan Abd Aziz was representing the state of Selangor. GiLoCatur does not have the full results or info about the chess event of the Sukan KKM, but based on the photo collection of Charles Lucas, one of the arbiters, both Roslans won their respective boards.

Roslan Abd Aziz must be very happy since his Selangor team came out as the champion of the event. The first runner up went to Sabah and the second runner up was son by Pahang.

Roslan Sulaiman - photo 1

Roslan Sulaiman - photo 2

Roslan  Abd Aziz - photo 1

Roslan  Abd Aziz - photo 2

Both Roslans (2nd from left and 1st from right) won "Best Board" 

Selangor vs WP KL BUT  NO Roslan vs Roslan

Roslan  Abd Aziz  with his Selangor team mates emerged as the champion

GiLoCatur would like to congratulate both Roslans who are among GiLoCatur's chess friends and acquaintances. GiLoCatur would like to say THANK YOU to Charles Lucas for allowing GiLoCatur to use his photo collection in this entry.

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