Friday, July 15, 2011

Puteri Catur Malaysia

"Sigadi ketek yang codiok". 

This is the nickname in Kampar dialect that GiLoCatur wants to bestow to Eja or Puteri Munajjah Azzahraa (below picture), the youngest daughter of Azhar Mohd Said and his wife Shamsiah. GiLoCatur salutes the dedicated chess couple in sacrificing their money, time and energy to train their four children including Eja to become formidable chess players. It is still a very long way to go but they should be proud with several achievements that their children have had especially by their darling princess.

Eja in Tarakan

Two days ago, on Wednesday 13th July, the article about Eja and her siblings was published in a Malay daily Sinar Harian. Her latest achievement is getting three golds and two silvers in Girls Under 10 category in the 12th Asean+ Age Group Chess Championship held in Tarakan Island, Indonesia in last June. 

GiLoCatur became the witness of Eja's achievement in MSSM Chess Championship since 2009 because in that edition GiLoCatur's daughter, Anis Fariha, was her P12 teammates. Anchored by her elder sister, Puteri Rifqah, who played the first board their team won gold for the Under 12 girls team category. Even though, she was just 8 years old, she scored 6.5/7 points. She helped her team became the P12 team champion after winning 6 out of 7 games and scoring 12 match points.

2009 - P12 Team Gold medal 
In the 2010 MSSM Chess Championship held in Kangar, Perlis, the small-built young girl had a big responsibility to lead her P12 teammates. Her elder sister played in the individual event. Still having Anis and Sun Xin as well as Nurul Hana, Eja led her team to the silver medal losing only once to the champion, Pulau Pinang.

2010 - P12 Team Silver medal 
This year, Eja still anchored the Selangor P12 team in the MSSM held in Penang last month. Having two new team mates since both Anis and Sun Xin are over 12 years old already, Eja led her team to a bronze medal.  

2011 - P12 Team Bronze medal
Among her other achievements is she became the first runner up in last year Singapore International Youth Chess Championship in Under 11 Girls category. In that tournament, she managed to win over the top seed and Kazakh chess princess, Zhansaya Abdumalik. 11-year-old Zhansaya who is three times world chess champion recently earned a Women International Master (WIM) title after tied for first place with two other players in the recently concluded Asean+ Age Group Chess Championship in the Girls Under 20 category. GiLoCatur hopes that Eja will get and have the same opportunity as Zhansaya's in sponsorship and grant to advance her chess career and fulfill her dream of becoming the first Malaysian Women Grand Master (WGM).


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