Monday, October 4, 2010

Ampang Aidilfitri Chess Open - The Report

Pandan Indah, 2 Oct - 115 chess players had participated in a chess tournament held in the MPAJ (Ampang Jaya Local Council) building. The tournament is played using the swiss system of 7 rounds of chess rapid games. The first round started at about 10.30am, half hour late than the schedule, and finished by 6.00pm. All the players from different ages played in one category or section. In other words, an eight-year-old player like GiLoCatur's son, Fahim, may play against an adult. In fact he did when in the first round, he faced the top seed Ian Udani.

Participants were warming up before the tournament started and during the registration period.

The participants were ready to start their first round games. On the top board, Fahim (left) was paired with Ian Udani, a pinoy who has been residing in Malaysia and a well known competitor in the local chess tournaments for a couple of years.

Shukor (right) managed to beat the top seed in the 4th round. An example for other Malaysian players to follow.

GiLoCatur did not intend to participate but in the end ended up as one of the participants. Both Fikri and Fahim, GiLoCatur's boys, last played in a chess tournament about a month ago during the Malaysian Chess Festival in the Age Group Open tournament. Therefore, in this Ampang Aidilfitri Chess Open, GiLoCatur does not really concern about their results as they have not played regularly. Luckily, their performance and placings are not too bad. Fikri managed to win 5 games and lose another 2 while his younger brother, Fahim, scored 4/7 points. Fikri won the second place for the Secondary Schools category. How about their father?

Fahim was paired against the top seed in the first round. He who is currently rated at 1100 and just eight-years-old is still far to go until can match 2100-rated opponents. In the next two rounds he managed to win against unrated players. Then he lose to 1500-rated opponents in the 4th and 6th round respectively. In the last round, he defeated one of the six RMC boys.

Click to view all the seven rounds pairings.

GiLoCatur could only accumulate 50% from 3 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats as per above details. All the three defeats GiLoCatur were playing black and two much high-rated opponents. Obviously, GiLoCatur has to relook the black openings especially when playing against higher-rated opponents.

The chess tournament had attracted several chess players to make a comeback and playing debut. The above students of RMC (Royal Military College) are among few of them. They came to the tournament on their own. A good effort from them. GiLoCatur hopes they will participate in local chess tournaments more often. Another player who just made a comeback is Raymond Lee, GiLoCatur's opponent in the 6th round. We had a short chit chat after the game. He is an accountant by profession.

The above is one of GiLoCatur's games in the tournament.

Both breakfast and lunch (as the above picture) was provided in the tournament. Such is a good effort from the organizer. Participants can save their money and time for that. The lunch is a delicious nasi beryani.

Sixteen-year-old Muhd Syakir emerged as the champion and the winner of RM500 money prize. In the sixth round, he defeated Abd Shukor Arajah, a Sabahan and the giant killer in the tournament after winning against the top seed Ian Udani in the fourth round.

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