Monday, March 1, 2010

Seremban Parade Open Category Chess Tourney

Two "Abdul"s conquered the Seremban Parade Chess Open held today in Seremban. Fourty local chess players had participated in the six rapid rounds. Who are they? The top seed Abdullah Che Hassan was the champion without a defeat. He scored 5.5/6 points. The second place goes to Abdul Haq with 5/6 points. His wife, NWM Roslina, was placed fifth with 4.5/6 points.

Abdul Haq

To know the full results and see the pictures of the tournament, go to MyChessDiari blog here.

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Anonymous said...

salam GiloCatur...chess blog is the 1st (maybe) in terms on number of blog among any MSSM's sports/games. Despite this, tournaments are everywhere...not like last time when we always ask when will be the next tournament. Nowdays...chessplayers had to choose which tournament to participate. The interest in chess in Malaysia is BOOMING. Maybe this fact can be used for lobbying sponsors. What do you think?