Monday, February 27, 2012

The Winners of the 12th Seremban Parade

The children of GiLoCatur did not take part in any of the chess tourneys during the weekend. One of the tourneys was the 12th Seremban Parade broken up into three different categories. Both the Under 12 and Under 18 categories were held on Saturday while the Open section was held on Sunday.

Who was the champion for the Under 12 category?

Negeri Sembilan MSSM state player, Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan, emerged as the champion after scoring 6 points. GiLoCatur believes only six rounds played for the category. The other winners familiar to GiLoCatur are the first runner up, Kabir Singh from Petaling Jaya, Puteri Munajjah from Jenjarom and the Halim siblings - Farhana, Aiman & Izzah, from Johor.

Top 20 Under 12 category
(from CaturTerengganu chess blog)

How about the Under 18 category? Who won this category?

The local boy named Jonathan Augustine, a rising player, became the champion after edging several strong players. Among the strong players are two of Selangor MSSM L15 state players - Roshan Singh and Muhd Irfan Haqqim Azhar, KL MSSM L15 player, Faizal Roslan, Pahang MSSM L15 state player, Shreyes Subramaniam and Negeri Sembilan MSSM L15 state player, Subramanian Sivanesan.

It is obvious that most of the participants are warming up for the MSS chess championship. 

Top 20 Under 18 category
(from CaturTerengganu chess blog)

In the Open category, about one hundred participants took part. One of them is GiLoCatur's chess buddy, Razali Hamzah aka Ng6. GiLoCatur would like to congratulate him for being the top 10 in the final ranking. The current Malaysian top junior, Yeoh Li Tian, came with his father to the tournament and became the champion after scoring 6.5/7 points. 

Top 20 Open category
(from Ng6 chess blog)

Ng6 (left) ready to play against Tariq Ziad
(from Ng6 chess blog)

Please go to Ng6 chess blog here to view his photo galleries on the tournament. Surely, GiLoCatur really missed to come to the tournament.

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