Saturday, February 11, 2012

Going To SMK Clifford OR the Cochrane Excellence Sports Center?

Where would GiLoCatur and the kids be on Sunday this weekend?  We have TWO choices. It is either going to SMK Clifford situated in Kuala Kangsar, the Perak Royal town or Cochrane Excellence Sports Center in KL. At both locations will be held rapid (G/25) chess tournaments.

SMK Clifford established in 1897 will be the venue for the first leg of the third Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Perak Grand Prix chess championship. Participants will have to play 7 rounds of 25-minute-per-player chess match.

Meanwhile, the Cochrane Excellence Sports Center will be the venue for the PERCAWI City Day Age Group chess tournament. Only six rounds will be played.

Let's look at the pros and cons.

The pros going to SMK Clifford:
  • GiLoCatur can take part since got open category
  • Can visit many historical buildings in Kuala Kangsar like Pavillion Square Tower and Ubaidah Mosque
  • Can try the famous Pak Ngah Laksa 
  • More cash prizes

The cons:

  • A long drive 
  • More expenses

The pros going to the Cochrane Excellence Sports Center :
  • A short drive
  • less expenses
  • less cash prizes

The cons:

  • GiLoCatur can not take part since no open category
  • More expenses

SMK Clifford with historical values

Part of Cochrane that may vanish in not so long future

Do you want to know what it is gonna be? Come back again to find out!

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