Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chess Tourneys Last Weekend

GiLoCatur and the kids did not take part in any chess tournament last weekend. Neither this weekend. This weekend, GiLoCatur will be busy attending PTA or PIBG meetings. On Saturday will be at SKBJ and on Sunday will be in Kuala Selangor. 

So, only one tournament in this month. Last month also only one tournament. Mmmm not so active in the beginning of new 2012 year, eh.

Last weekend, one tournament each in Perak, Terengganu and Johor. Only the tournament in Terengganu being covered in one of the local chess blogs. The full result was also published online in the No news at all about the tournament in Perak. The same goes to the tournament in Johor. 

Isn't it a wish list for every member of Malaysian chess community to have all the local chess tournaments being covered and published online?

GiLoCatur feels guilty for not being able to put up the winners list for the 12th Bandaraya JB Chessmasters even though got it a day after the tournament via chess-malaysia yahoo group. But what to do. GiLoCatur has been very busy at work. 

Enough with that. Let's look the final ranking of the chess tournaments in Terengganu and Johor.

The MSN City Night Games is the name of the tournament for the event in Terengganu. GiLoCatur wonders why it is named like that, having "Night", since the event is held in daytime. It had attracted about 80 participants in the Open section and more than 20 players in Under 12 category. 

Amazingly, six players had the same 6/7 score including the champion. Ahmad Rizal Othman had been declared the champion in the Open category after having the highest and best tie break. He succumbed to a defeat to Ruzenan Abu Bakar in the final round after having a winning streak of six rounds. 

No result for the Under 12 category due technical issue resulted from the electricity being cut down due to heavy rain. What a challenge for all the participants to being caught in such natural disaster. GiLoCatur salutes to all of them.

How about in Johor Bahru?

How many players took part in the tournament? Who became the champion?

Malaysian-based Filipino, Ian Udani, managed to pip the Malaysian top player, IM Mas, to emerge as the champion. He scored 6 points. Amazingly also, five players shared 5.5 points. Former World Police Champion, Ismail Ahmad, won the first runner up. While IM Mas won the second runner up.

In the Under 16 category, WCM Nur Nabila came all the way from Selangor to emerge as the champion. She scored 6.5 points. Another winner from Selangor is Amira Syahmina who won 7th place. GiLoCatur noticed that among the winners is a player who hails from Kedah.

Congratulation to all the winners! Keep supporting chess in Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

when is this johor tourney held? is it last year's one?