Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GiLoCatur Has Loved Chess Since Then

Actually, GiLoCatur had not realized that GiLoCatur has been crazy about chess since childhood. Even though GiLoCatur did not play in many tournaments during the school days due to many reasons, GiLoCatur did play with friends then. 

While in the primary school in Sabak Bernam, GiLoCatur represented the school in the MSS District chess competition for two consecutive years - 1979 and 1980. Unfortunately, GiLoCatur did not win to represent Sabak Bernam District to the state chess championship. One of GiLoCatur's schoolmates managed to win but she did not go. Transportation was the main problem during those days. Not many parents had car during that time.

Unfortunately, there was no digital camera or even a normal camera photo to show GiLoCatur's kids. Unlike their participation in chess tournaments, all can be and are recorded digitally. Lucky them.

Yesterday, while doing housekeeping GiLoCatur found the following evidences about the passion for chess. GiLoCatur took part in a chess tournament organized by the Selangpr Public Library or its Malay abbreviation,  PPAS.  GiLoCatur was 20 years old at that time and was studying at a preparatory study college in Shah Alam.

Certificate of Attendance in a chess tourney way back in 1988 
But GiLoCatur has no answer to why GiLoCatur never took part in any chess tournament while studying in El Paso, Texas for two and a half years. Back home in mid 1991, GiLoCatur did take part in few chess tournaments held in KL especially underground of Dataran Merdeka.

GiLoCatur included playing chess as one of the hobbies in the resume. 

part of GiLoCatur's "1991" resume 

GiLoCatur is doing the best so that the kids can have the opportunity to go farthest as possible in chess. GiLoCatur also try the best possible to document and record their journey in chess. GiLoCatur hopes they will not waste the continuous support and sacrifice given to them. Not many Malaysian parents are willing to do so.

So, my dearest chlidren - FIKRI, ANIS FARIHA and FAHIM AL-FAQEH, keep on your chess journey. 

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