Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Nagas Standard Chess Tournament on 17th and 18th March 2012

Good news to the Malaysian chess fraternity!

(The above picture GiLoCatur took using Canon digital camera during the final round in the 1st KLK leg at SMK Clifford, Kuala Kangsar. Mr Eddy Fong became an "unofficial" arbiter after Black player on the fifth board had made an illegal move. Both players had less 2 minutes on their clocks.)

[GiLoCatur: Mr Eddy Fong had informed that he was an official arbiter in the 1st KLK Leg upon request from the PICA's president, NM Chan. TQ Mr Fong for the feedback. 20/02/2012, 12:21am]

Mr Eddy Fong (in white shirt, above picture) is going to organize a chess tourney. The tourney, however, will not be held in his hometown (GiLoCatur's assumption) Kampar, Perak. Instead, it will be held at DATCC in Kuala Lumpur. 

A bit info on Mr Eddy Fong. He is the father of the 2010 Malaysian Women National Master, Mi Yen. His other children who are very familiar in the local chess competitions are Yit Ho and Yit San.

GiLoCatur just noticed that Mr Eddy Fong had a blog on first Malaysia GM since 2006. He wrote and made a coverage on the Malaysian teams - both Men and Women, in the 2006 Turin Chess Olympiads.  

When his chess tournament will be held? The tourney is scheduled on 17th and 18th March 2012, about a month from now. So, MARK YOUR CALENDAR! There are four chess tournaments as GiLoCatur aware during the 16th to 18th March weekend - Kedah Closed, 18th USM Team event, 11th Klang Parade and New Nagas Standard Chess tournament.

Another good news is the tournament will be a  nationally-rated event. 

Surely you want to know the details of the tournament, right? Click here to read further details on the tournament or go to this link to download the registration form.

Good luck and syabas to Mr Eddy Fong. Hope he will become an active chess organizer for the best sake of the Malaysian chess community.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Saleh, thank you for helping me promote my coming event. FYI, I was actually an 'official arbiter' at the KLK event at K Kangsar last week. Due to the unexpectedly large number of participants, I agreed to help out (at NM Chan's request) as an arbiter for the day.