Monday, February 13, 2012

Which Chess Tournament GiLoCatur and the Family Went?

Can you guess where GiLoCatur and the kids went to from below pictures? :)-

GiLoCatur, wife and Fahim arrived home at around 1.00 am. GiLoCatur and family left home in Shah Alam after Subuh prayer to the tournament venue located about 240 kilometers north.

After the tournament, GiLoCatur and the family managed to pray in the gorgeously beautiful Masjid Ubudiah or Ubudiah mosque (below picture) situated on Chandan Hill.

Masjid Ubudiah
After the maghrib prayer at Ubudiah mosque, on the way back home before entering the north-south highway, GiLoCatur and the family stopped at Laksa Pak Ngah cafe to taste the popular laksa since two years before the Malaysian Independence in 1957. 

For readers and visitors who are not familiar what laksa is, go to this link to find out.

(GiLoCatur : Just realized that Andrew aka Gilachess had told at which chess tourney GiLoCatur was. The link is here. As a chess blogger who take pictures and updates chess events, his pictures in a chess tournament is rare and not many. It is a chess blogger who takes picture another chess blogger. LOL)


GilaChess said...

Kalo tak gilo catur tak la pegi K.Kangsar. :)

GiLoCatur said...

ha ha ha .. GilaChess pun sama ..

you should play more seriously, andrew .. don't waste ur talent .. try to focus in a chess tourney .. you'll be surprised with the result