Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wish for Better Money Prizes in Malaysia!

GiLoCatur strongly believes that the Malaysian chess players really wish for the much better prize structure as per below enjoyed by chess players in one of our neighbouring ASEAN countries.

A 10-round standard chess tournament which provides the total cash prizes for the top three winners of nearly MYR 30,000. The champion won 50 million IDR, while both the first runner up and the second runner up received 25 million IDR and 10 million IDR respectively. What is IDR? IDR here means Indonesia Rupiahs. Do you know what they are equal to in MYR or Malaysian Ringgits?

50 million Rupiahs equals to about MYR 17,223. WOW! The most for a Malaysian chess tournament champion, as what GiLoCatur could recall, just receives MYR 2,000 like won by Saprin aka Nf6 recently. The most common is MYR 1,000 which mostly grabbed by Ian Udani. How about 25 million and 10 million Rupiahs? GiLoCatur leaves it to you to calculate with the exchange rate of 1 MYR = 2,898 IDR. Don't we, the Malaysian chess players, envy that? And deserve that too?

In one rapid tournament held in our next door friend country, the champion was awarded about MYR 1,723. Second place, MYR 1,033. Third place, MYR 609. Fourth place MYR 517 and fifth place, MYR 344. It does not stop at just tenth place you know. Instead of just top 10, 64 players got money prizes. Plus another NINE best categories. In total, 73 players receives money prizes. WOW! Lucky for the chess players in that country, huh!


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Raymond Siew said...

Salleh, I think there are hidden forces trying to prevent new sponsors from coming into chess. Another good question is what has happened to all the sponsors Najib talked about on his blog. If we had done a good job wont they still be around? I hope we can all do something to help us improve.