Monday, March 21, 2011

Unrated Kam Jing Ze Emerged As The Champion of KPCC U18

Unrated Kam Jing Ze (above picture, right) emerged as the champion for Under 18 category of the Klang Parade Chess Championship (KPCC) held last Saturday. About fifty young Malaysians aged between 13 to 18  years old took part in the six-round rapid chess events. In the final sixth round, he defeated also another unrated player, Ashman Raziuddin who had won all the previous five rounds like him too. Ashman is familiar to GiLoCatur since he was one of the 2010 L18 MSS Selangor squad. 

GiLoCatur was surprised when Jing Ze who is studying at SMJK Kwang Hua beat the top seed, Chan Sheng Yip, who is the second board player for MSS Selangor L18 team in last year MSSM Chess Championship in the second round. And again he proved his chess strength and skills when he overcame Tariq Ziad, also a MSS Selangor player, in the fifth round. If he plays in the MSS chess championship this year, GiLoCatur believes he is a player to watch. 

Syabas and Tahniah, KAM JING ZIE!

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