Monday, March 21, 2011

Gilachess Candids GiLoCatur and FirstGM!

Click here to view the photo taken by a Malaysian "otai" chess blogger, Andrew of Gilachess.

He he ... what do you think eh? [ p/s : Raymond, Gilachess candid us! ]

Actually, at that time GiLoCatur was so tired and sleepy. Just driving two kids who took part in the recently concluded Malaysian National Closed Chess Championship and waiting for them to finish their two games per day is too tiring for a chess parent like GiLoCatur (and Raymond of the firstGM as well GiLoCatur believes). 

GiLoCatur would like to apologize to this blog visitors especially the Malaysian chess followers for not able to provide the coverage and updates of the chess championship. Actually, GiLoCatur did cover a little at early stage but since the environment at the tournament venue is not conducive to really write about the championship. GiLoCatur posted the men's event in Fikri's personal blog here and the women's event in Anis's personal blog here.

Anyway, SYABAS and TAHNIAH to all the winners especially the new Malaysian National Master (NM) Lim Zhou Ren and National Women Master (NWM) Nur Nabila Azman Hisham. Both have many years ahead since both are still very young. The former is about 19 years old while the latter is just about 14 years old.

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